Baxter HomeCare Services provides nurses with unparalleled support to help manage home Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients and their supply needs.

Patient and Clinical Education

Understanding that no single educational resource will meet the needs of all kidney patients, Baxter has developed a multi-pronged approach to help patients understand complex information about their disease, its progression and available therapeutic options. Baxter offers a variety of communications tools, including direct-mail materials and Internet-based information for clinicians, patients and caregivers.

Home Delivery that goes above and beyond

Baxter's Home Delivery team is a dedicated group of Service Specialists who deliver not just patient supplies – but also a caring, above-and-beyond attitude. Over the years, many patients have written to us remarking on the special bonds they had developed with their Home Delivery Specialists, who they see at least once per month.

Delivery Specialists are highly trained and understand the products and the therapy. They will call the patient prior to the delivery to let them know when they'll be arriving, and can even help patients rotate their in-home supply stock if they need help.

Kidney Disease Resources

For additional resources on kidney disease, please click on one of the links below.