Business Practice Standards

Baxter prides itself on the development of long-term relationships with customers and suppliers alike, underpinned by an ethical approach to conducting business in accordance with Baxter's standard business practices and policies detailed below:


We  expect suppliers to comply with our guidelines Ethics and  Compliance Standards for Suppliers and to comply with all local laws which are relevant to conducting business with Baxter.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to both direct and indirect purchases. Baxter makes direct purchases for goods and services that become a part of Baxter's finished products, while indirect purchases are purchases of all other goods and services that do not become a part of a Baxter product.

Suppliers will be deemed to have accepted all purchase orders received, along with the applicable Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, by your acknowledgement or your commencement of performance unless otherwise agreed in writing with Baxter. Baxter objects to all additions, exceptions, or changes to these terms, whether contained in any printed form of Seller or elsewhere, unless approved by Baxter in writing.

If a Supplier has a separate supply or service agreement signed by Baxter, the terms and conditions set forth in such agreement shall control any conflicting terms found in a purchase order or in Baxter's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Baxter's terms and conditions shall prevail in the event of any conflict between such terms and conditions and any terms and conditions provided by Supplier in any form.


The following Document is a summary of the Baxter Healthcare Pty Limited "Trading Terms and Conditions" and applies to customers ordering direct from Baxter Healthcare Pty Limited. It does not apply or where other contractual arrangements are in place to orders of Baxter products placed through agents or distributors.